My Little Yellow Duck Project Stats – Most Effective Pattern

Other Brother Darryl - My Most Reported Duck

Other Brother Darryl – My Most Reported Duck

By day I’m a Data Analyst, so naturally I was wondering which duck pattern had resulted in the highest percentage of reports on The Little Yellow Duck Project website.

In the below chart of ducks released vs ducks reported, you’ll see the recently released pattern Other Brother Darryl has proven to be the most reported both by percentage and quantity. Duck patterns where I only made and released 1 or 2 are not included in the chart.

I would note that by the time I started making Other Brother Darryls I had become much more strategic about where I left ducks. Also, all of Other Brother Darryl’s tags included the handwritten message Where did you find me? Add me to the map at on the back of the tag.

To be fair to Love Bug who sits at the bottom of the list with none reported was handed out at the Rehab/Nursing/Hospice facility my aunt was staying at where internet access would have been more limited and patients may have had a difficult time even reading the tag.

Pattern Released Reported Reporting Rate
Other Brother Darryl 15 10 67%
Darryl 10 6 60%
Quick Quack 13 7 54%
Lil Ugly 10 5 50%
Filbert 9 4 44%
Sewn Duck 9 4 44%
Ultra Mini Ugly 17 7 41%
Mini Duckling 10 4 40%
Just Duckie 33 9 27%
Ugly 13 3 23%
Felt Duck 10 2 20%
Phat Beak 6 1 17%
Love Bug 5 0 0%


I have 7 Lil Other Brothers ready to go, but they have not been released yet. It will be interesting to see if they report as well as Other Brother Darryl or if Other Brother Darryl remains on top.

I’ll keep you updated on the results.


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