Magic Rainbow Slippers Save the Day!

Magic Rainbow Slippers

For those who are lucky enough to be living in an area that has not been bombed with snow for the past month, let me enlighten you on what happens after the twice a week snowstorms. On the random days when it has the nerve to go above freezing and even rarer occasions when it actually rains, you need to carry a raft to get across the street.

After one such day when my socks and sneakers were wet at work the entire day (and I was cold and miserable), I knew there had to be a better way. One of my UFOs came out of hiding, was finished very quickly, and found a permanent place in my purse. They were my Magic Rainbow Slippers.

Magic Rainbow Slipper FrontThe next time when my feet got soaked on the walk across the street from where I parked to my job, I simply took off my socks and sneakers, placed them in front of a heater (since our office is basically unheated), and slipped on my Magic Rainbow Slippers. I swear they have magic powers because I felt wonderful! I wore them all day and when it was time to go home, my socks and sneakers were dry.

Sometimes, a little magic goes a long way.

P.S. This is a favorite slipper pattern of mine and you can buy it on Etsy from The Royal Sisters.



Just had to get that out 🙂

Christmas Presents – Leave Em for Next Year or Actually Finish Them?

Aah… January 25. Exactly one month after Christmas. Yet I still have uncompleted Christmas presents stuffed in my project bags. Do I finish them and send them out or put them on hold until next year?

Two of them have only needed to be sewn up since Christmas week. What I’ve been waiting for, I do not know.

One is a polar bear for my Grandmother who has been to Alaska to photograph the polar bears in action twice in the past few years. Now that she’s in her 90’s her polar bear visits have ceased, but she is expecting a little polar bear to come visit her via USPS and I still need to sew him up. I actually finished crocheting him pretty early on in December, but the instructions stopped and didn’t tell me how to sew him, not that I can’t figure it out, so I kind of stopped to. Bad, bad granddaughter. Being that my Grandmother specifically requested an amigurumi on Christmas after I had given a few others as gifts, I guess I should really finish this one and get it out.

Dragosaurus HarfDragosaurus Hat

Another is a Dragosaurous Harf. A dragon/dinosaur hat/scarf made out of super warm Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. This one is for my nephew who really likes dragons and dinosaurs. With the weather we’ve had this January in NY, I really should have finished this one, especially since all I need to do is sew it up. It would have kept him nice and warm… and would have been a lot of fun too. Bad, bad aunt.

Some of the others are seasonal, like Paz the Angel and Snowflake Girl. Maybe I’ll finish them over the next few months early for next year, but those I don’t feel so bad about not finishing now.

Paz the AngelGreen Eyed Snowflake Girl

Then there’s the epic project, a photo blanket of my son for my husband. The completed part was revealed to him on Christmas Day. He’s started asking about it again. My new goal is to finish by Father’s Day.


So perhaps the Polar Bear and Dragosaurous Harf could be called Valentine’s Day presents, giving me a new deadline that I could live up to?

Then again… Christmas 2012 is just around the corner.

Sweaters Lost in Space (4 sweater UFOs?)

This weekend was super cold, as in single digits, so we were staying in and I was crocheting.

As I was trying to figure out what to work on, I looked through my project list on Ravelry and saw 4 sweaters I’d started over the past 2 months. That seemed a bit much. It was freezing now, but at the rate I was going these guys would still be in UFO stage once it was time to turn on the AC.

As I started a new scarf project, I contemplated why I refused to even work on the sweaters and it came to me… They are boring! They are large pieces of fabric in repetitive stitches and take a long time to finish. In concept they’re great… how cool you can make your own sweater! In reality, yarn has variables, so even trying it on as you go may end up in a sweater that “grows” or yarn that doesn’t hold its shape. Then there’s the tedious torture of sewing all the pieces together.

Brown Sweater

My first sweater, which is quite warm and comfortable and has sleeves that are way too long and ends sticking out everywhere, sat there for several weeks waiting to be sewed together and didn’t look so great once I finally did.

Now that I got that rant out, maybe I can actually get somewhere with one of them so it can be worn before summer. For now, they’re looking like this:

Sergio Sweater

Cream Sweater

My Turtleneck

Tunisian Jacket

Snow Day Bag

Snow Day Bag

For days coworkers had planned on not going to work as the word “Snow” was mentioned more and more in the weather forecast. “I’m not doing what I did last time,” they all said. Reflecting on the monstrous post-Christmas NY shutdown and my whereabouts, I knew what I needed to do. Buy more yarn. Last time I was stuck at my parent’s place in Long Island with only scraps of what remained from Christmas presents I had to finish right before (or right after) I gave them. The same thing would not happen to me twice. Snow was in the air and I was going to Michaels.

With memories of the multi-day event that the monster snow storm was, I had to buy enough yarn for at least 3-4 projects… you know, just in case. Yarn for one bag I’d been dying to try… and the bag of the month… and a scarf… and another scarf… and another scarf… who knew how long we’d be stuck inside this time. It took my entire lunch hour, but it proved to be a lunch hour well spent when I picked up my son after work to find out they had already announced school would be closed the next day. Yes!

Snow Day Bag DetailThe next morning we awoke to… SNOW! Which was cleared up a few hours later. No school meant no work so no matter, it was time to get working on the Snow Day Bag. Two strands of Paton’s Classic Wool in hand, I flew through the bag. Working with the yarn was great and I was surprised I hadn’t tried it before.

Unfortunately, I had also woken up to… a sick kid. That did mean, my Snow Day Bag could be finished on the Sick Day. The bag went really quickly and I’m loving how it came out. The next one I make I want to felt. When’s the snow coming next?

Miss Llama’s Hat for Humans Kind of Day

I turned on the weather this morning to see a balmy 20 degrees outside. That means it would be 21 degrees at work. It was a Miss Llama’s Hat for Humans kind of day.

December 26 I finished Miss Llama. Miss Llama

She’s from the Delicious Crochet llama pattern and my biggest crochet accomplishment so far. She was a Christmas present for my cousin who had given me a llama from Peru last year. I changed her hat to look a little more NY, since she was the NY born llama, and once I finished her hat, I wanted one for me.

Miss Llama Hat for Humans

I based the hat on the hat in the llama pattern but made the following changes:

  • Used Bulky (5) yarn. For both my hat and llama’s I used Charisma.
  • Hook size I
  • Rows 1-16 I did as listed in the pattern (with the exceptions of rows 9 and 10, I didn’t need slits for my ears, so I didn’t skip any stitches)
  • After Row 16, for Rows 17 and 18 I did another 2 increase rows to get to 84 stitches
  • Then 5 more rows of 84 in yellow, 4 rows in cream, 1 more row in yellow, then the earflaps started
  • For the earflaps, I did not turn my work, I worked with my left hand on the alternate rows so that it would be a consistent look for the whole hat.
  • The earflaps were 9 rows total. The first row was as listed in the pattern, 24 single crochet, then for the next 8 rows, I skipped the first and last stitch and did 22 stitches, then 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8. The skipped stitches will get smoothed out later on when you do 2 rows of SC around the entire hat.
  • Skip 24 stitches between the front earflaps and repeat the earflap for the other side.
  • For the pom pom strap, I did 30 stitches. I could have gone longer for more drama.
  • I skipped the top pom pom. but did the bottom pom poms as listed in the pattern.

My Miss Llama Hat for HumansThe hat is very warm, even in my freezing cold office. It’s a little silly, but a lot of fun.

When I wear it, my son calls me Miss Llama. We miss her.

Full Miss Llama Hat for Humans Shot

Not THAT Kind of Hooker… moron

This weekend, I read the funniest story on (THE knitting and crochet social website in case you didn’t know). A woman was crocheting in a restaurant reading a pattern from a book when the waitress told her they were getting complaints about what she was reading and they “don’t allow that kind of reading material in our establishment”. A customer then yelled at her, “People like YOU shouldn’t have children, its disgusting!” She was reading the pattern from the book Stitch and Bitch: The Happy Hooker.

Since then, some have proposed a Hooker Day be established where crocheters everywhere go out into public yarn, hook, and questionably titled pattern book in hand to show the world that we are free to hook wherever we want.

It just so happens that I bought The Happy Hooker last weekend and left it on the table the other day. My husband saw it and started to question me about it. I guess he thought it was a porno crochet book that I had left lying around for our 4 year old to peruse. Hide the book! Don’t let him see the bunny slippers pattern!

That made the woman’s restaurant encounter just that much funnier.

Inspired by one woman’s hysterical public display of crochet and an attempt to confuse my husband, I have named this blog Hookers Don’t Bite. No, I’m not THAT kind of hooker… moron.