Free Pattern: Sleevy Scarf

Sleevy Scarf worn as Scarf with Sleeves

Sleevy Scarf worn as Scarf


So while I like the Ribbed SleevoScarf for what it is, what I really wanted to capture was the luxurious decadence of the overindulgent scarf MsNovak had sent me. Plus it keeps getting colder here in NY, so you need sleeves AND a scarf. This weekend I made a much wider, much longer version so you can wear it as sleeves and a scarf or just a super big scarf.

Here’s the pattern for the Sleevy Scarf:

Aprox. 4.5 skeins of Loops and Threads Charisma (around 490 yards of Bulky weight yarn).
Tapestry Needle
10mm Crochet Hook


3″ x 4″ = 5 stitches x 7.5 rows


CH: Chain

FHDC: Foundation Half Double Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet


This pattern is much looser than the Ribbed SleevoScarf. It was made for someone 5′ 8″ tall who wears a large, but could be considered more of a one size fits all pattern. BUT if you are making this for someone much shorter, you may want to make this a few stitches shorter. If they are really skinny, maybe knock off 2 or 3 rows. I’ll ask one of my short and skinny friends to try it on and will post a sizing update in a few days.

Dimensions: 89 inches long x 9.5 inches wide at neck. Since this is ribbed, it has a lot of stretch, but unlike the Ribbed SleevoScarf, the Sleevy Scarf does not have negative ease.


Row 1:  CH 2 (Counts as first HDC here and throughout), 149 FHDC, turn (150)

(The easier version of Row 1 if you are afraid of FHDC: Ch 151, HDC in back hump of the third chain from hook, HDC in the back hump of each chain across to end, turn (150))

Row 2: CH 2, skip first stitch, 149 HDC BLO across, turn (150)

Rows 3-17: Repeat row 2

Row 18: CH 2, fold right sides together, slip stitch through both loops of turning chain from opposite side (foundation row).
You will now be working on the opposite side (foundation row). [Insert hook in back loop, yo, insert hook in back loop on other side of work (your 17th row), yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through all loops on hook], repeat for 15.25” (31 stitches including chain).
Turn right side out, you will now be working into your 17th row only. Work HDC in BLO until 15.25” (31 stitches) left. Turn inside out and fold right sides together. [Insert hook in back loop, yo, insert hook in back loop on other side of work, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through all loops on hook], repeat to end.

Weave in the ends and consider using Mary Jane Hall’s tip to secure the ends after you weave them in.

Wear as a scarf until your arms get cold, then put on your sleeves too.

Sleevy Scarf worn as Scarf with Sleeves

Sleevy Scarf finished flat view

I am still working on the Worsted weight version of this scarf. Be on the lookout for the pattern soon.


Snow Day Bag

Snow Day Bag

For days coworkers had planned on not going to work as the word “Snow” was mentioned more and more in the weather forecast. “I’m not doing what I did last time,” they all said. Reflecting on the monstrous post-Christmas NY shutdown and my whereabouts, I knew what I needed to do. Buy more yarn. Last time I was stuck at my parent’s place in Long Island with only scraps of what remained from Christmas presents I had to finish right before (or right after) I gave them. The same thing would not happen to me twice. Snow was in the air and I was going to Michaels.

With memories of the multi-day event that the monster snow storm was, I had to buy enough yarn for at least 3-4 projects… you know, just in case. Yarn for one bag I’d been dying to try… and the bag of the month… and a scarf… and another scarf… and another scarf… who knew how long we’d be stuck inside this time. It took my entire lunch hour, but it proved to be a lunch hour well spent when I picked up my son after work to find out they had already announced school would be closed the next day. Yes!

Snow Day Bag DetailThe next morning we awoke to… SNOW! Which was cleared up a few hours later. No school meant no work so no matter, it was time to get working on the Snow Day Bag. Two strands of Paton’s Classic Wool in hand, I flew through the bag. Working with the yarn was great and I was surprised I hadn’t tried it before.

Unfortunately, I had also woken up to… a sick kid. That did mean, my Snow Day Bag could be finished on the Sick Day. The bag went really quickly and I’m loving how it came out. The next one I make I want to felt. When’s the snow coming next?