How to Make a Crochet Video

What seems like a really long time ago I was a jewelry photographer. For some reason until today, none of that experience wanted to apply itself to the part of brain trying to figure out how to record a half decent crochet video.

After recording the SS BLO ribbing video, I knew I had to do better. It was not good. I had been searching online for tips for a while but never found anything. My ribbing video showed me it was much harder than I had ever expected.

I knew I needed a set up so that the camera was facing strait down onto my hands on a tabletop and I needed to watch the video as it was filming. Probably time to go get a tripod, but the thought of going out to buy a tripod during Black Friday weekend was not overly appealing. Plan B. My son has been train obsessed for 6 or so of his 8 years. That has resulted in him owning A LOT of track and several train sets, which happen to include some risers and unusual bridges. This is what I came up with:

Crochet Video Meets Chuggington Bridge

Crochet Video Meets Chuggington Bridge

Crochet Video Layout Top View

Crochet Video Layout Top View

Crochet Video Layout

Crochet Video Layout

While I realize you can see the edge of the bridge in some of the videos, they still came out a ton better than my first one. Maybe one day I’ll finally go out and buy a tripod or software that lets me crop the video so you can’t see the edge, but for now, it’s good enough. Over the next few days I hope to get videos up for most if not all of the special stitches used in the patterns on


UFO Update

While there was a long time I wasn’t posting here, I was still crocheting. I got a new job in March and it got really demanding this summer so I spent any free time crocheting and held off on the blogging.

I thought I’d update what happened regarding the FO Pledge I made back in February. That would be… not that much.

Thomas the Train Blanket

Thomas the Train Blanket

After my son started frequently asking when I was going to finish his Thomas the Train blanket I “gave” him as a Christmas present, I finally wove in a zillion ends and added the border. It actually didn’t take that long. I figured I should finish it before he didn’t like Thomas anymore.

As I posted here, I finished and sent the squares to Share A Square months ago.

As for the rest… uhhhh…. well…. they’re still in their unfinished object state. My grandmother is still asking for her polar bear. I purchased lining fabric for the backpack… but still haven’t completed it. I frogged my turtleneck after realizing I am not the size I fooled myself into believe I was. My husband’s sweater is still just the back of a sweater. My hooded jacket still has a few more ends left to weave in and is waiting to be sewed up. And of course, several more UFOs can now be sighted throughout my apartment.

P.S. I have started designing a new series of Rainbow items recently. The first Rainbow pillow pattern will be posted later this week. Why complete old things when there are so many new things to be made?

Why Does It Take So Long For My Post to Show Up Anxiety

I’m a big fan of Ravelry. You will never find me on Facebook. You will find me on Ravelry at all sorts of times I shouldn’t be there.

I scour every crochet pattern posted for a potential future project.

I know every project posted in half the groups I’m in.

I bask in the glory of another heart being added to my projects like a teacher has given me another gold star.

The hour it takes for new blog posts to show up and wait to be associated with projects is painful for me. I refresh and refresh, like it will make things go faster. It does not.

Yesterday at 74 minutes, I finally went and ate breakfast.

Once I can finally tell Ravelry what projects I’ve been blogging about, I can get on with the rest of my day. I’m back to judging patterns for future potential, browsing group projects, and checking for new hearts… oh yeah and getting my son ready for school, getting ready for work and all that other fun stuff too. Real life does kick in every now and then.