Miss Llama’s Hat for Humans Kind of Day

I turned on the weather this morning to see a balmy 20 degrees outside. That means it would be 21 degrees at work. It was a Miss Llama’s Hat for Humans kind of day.

December 26 I finished Miss Llama. Miss Llama

She’s from the Delicious Crochet llama pattern and my biggest crochet accomplishment so far. She was a Christmas present for my cousin who had given me a llama from Peru last year. I changed her hat to look a little more NY, since she was the NY born llama, and once I finished her hat, I wanted one for me.

Miss Llama Hat for Humans

I based the hat on the hat in the llama pattern but made the following changes:

  • Used Bulky (5) yarn. For both my hat and llama’s I used Charisma.
  • Hook size I
  • Rows 1-16 I did as listed in the pattern (with the exceptions of rows 9 and 10, I didn’t need slits for my ears, so I didn’t skip any stitches)
  • After Row 16, for Rows 17 and 18 I did another 2 increase rows to get to 84 stitches
  • Then 5 more rows of 84 in yellow, 4 rows in cream, 1 more row in yellow, then the earflaps started
  • For the earflaps, I did not turn my work, I worked with my left hand on the alternate rows so that it would be a consistent look for the whole hat.
  • The earflaps were 9 rows total. The first row was as listed in the pattern, 24 single crochet, then for the next 8 rows, I skipped the first and last stitch and did 22 stitches, then 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8. The skipped stitches will get smoothed out later on when you do 2 rows of SC around the entire hat.
  • Skip 24 stitches between the front earflaps and repeat the earflap for the other side.
  • For the pom pom strap, I did 30 stitches. I could have gone longer for more drama.
  • I skipped the top pom pom. but did the bottom pom poms as listed in the pattern.

My Miss Llama Hat for HumansThe hat is very warm, even in my freezing cold office. It’s a little silly, but a lot of fun.

When I wear it, my son calls me Miss Llama. We miss her.

Full Miss Llama Hat for Humans Shot