How do I download a pattern?

All of the patterns are in the blog posts. You can now download the blog post as a PDF using the Print & PDF button at the bottom of each post. For those of you having problems printing, the Print & PDF button should resolve the issue. The Print & PDF button will open a print friendly page in another window where you can choose to include or take out the images and either print or download the page as a PDF.

How quickly will you respond to my comment?

I am HORRIBLE when it comes to responding to questions on the blog. I often approve them to show on the blog from my phone when I’m on my lunch break at work, but am usually not in a situation to write back at the time. Requests to include a pattern on another website, sell items made from a pattern, or use pictures on another website, I’ll answer immediately. Everything else, it may be a few months before I actually sit down and respond to comments. If you get desperate, hunt me down on Ravelry. I always read my Ravelry messages on a computer and respond quickly, and usually login every day.

Why does it take you so long to post patterns?

That one’s easy… I have a job and a son. In my head I’ll have enough time to try just one more tweak to the pattern and then write it up and post it, but sometimes that won’t actually happen until several months later. Come to think of it… make that several years later… I really do need to get that scarf pattern up before Mother’s Day.



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