Free Pattern: Woven Bobble Fingerless Gloves

Woven Bobble Fingerless Gloves

Woven Bobble Fingerless Gloves

Final Woven Scarf of the Season

Inspiration for the Gloves


So I finished the Final Woven Scarf of the Season and decided they needed matching fingerless gloves. The gloves I made work up very quickly.

These gloves were inspired by Julia Redman’s Vegan Silk scarf pattern and the bobble part of her scarf pattern is the front design on these gloves.

I used a Bulky yarn, Paton’s Shetland Chunky Tweeds (a Wool/Acrylic blend), and a K hook. These gloves used under 1 skien of yarn (under 120 yards).

Both the left and right glove use the same pattern. When slip stitching the seam, fold one one way and the second the other.

As a disclaimer, this is my first written pattern. Please let me know if you have any questions or find errors.

Woven Bobble Fingerless Gloves Pattern:

These gloves are seamless. The body of the glove is worked vertically/side to side, then slip stitched up the side, then the thumb is worked. After that, a finishing edge is worked along the top.

Ch3 turning chain will count as a stitch, skip the first stitch (as usually happens with rows of DC, but took me forever to learn). You will be making your last stitch of the next row in this stitch/turning chain.

Ch 1 and Ch 2 turning chains will not count as a stitch, stitch in the first stitch.

Body of the Glove:

All rows for the body of the glove have 21 stitches.

Row 1: Ch 3, 20 Chainless Foundation DC (21)
          ***If you are not comfortable with the Chainless Foundation DC, here’s an easier alternative for Row 1: Ch 23, then DC in 3rd chain from hook and DC in each chain across

Row 2: Ch 3, turn, 12 DC, 4 SC, 4 HDC (21)

Row 3: Ch 3, turn, 4 DC, 3 SC, 13 DC (21)

Row 4: Ch 3, turn, 12 DC, 3 SC, 5 DC

Row 5: Ch 2, turn, 4 HDC, 4 SC, 13 DC

Row 6 – 8: Ch3, turn, 20 DC

Gloves Stitch Pattern

Woven Bobble Instructions

Row 9: Ch 1, turn, 5 SC, [between the post of the sc you just made and the post of the next stitch make bobble (*yo, insert hook, yo and pull up loop* three times, yo and pull through 6 loops, yo and pull through last 2 loops), SC] 7 times, 2 SC (21)
NOTE: This is really a 2 stitch repeat where you insert your hook between the post stitches to create the bobble.

Row 10: Ch 1, turn, 3 SC, [between the sc you just made and the bobble stitch below – in the lower right corner of the below bobble stitch, make bobble (*yo, insert hook, yo and pull up loop* three times, yo and pull through 6 loops, yo and pull through last 2 loops), SC (you will see a bobble stitch and an SC, you will only be making SCs in the SCs)] 7 times, 4 SC (21)
NOTE: You will now see the V pattern, if not, you are making the bobble in the wrong place.

Gloves Cluster Closeup

Bobble Pattern Stitch Closeup

Row 11 – 12: Ch3, turn, 20 DC

Now you will be slip stitching the front to the back, leaving a space for the thumb.

Gloves Flat View

Glove Before Side is Slip Stitched - Please note, this is just to show general shaping, pattern was adjusted after this picture was taken.

Fold the glove in half, right sides together.
Slipstitch the BLO on the side facing you to the FLO on the side farthest from you.
Slipstitch the BLO to the FLO for 11 slip stitches, then on the side facing you, slip stitch FLO for 5 stitches and skip the 5 stitches on the other side of the glove, then 3 slip stitches BLO to FLO and slip stitch in both loops on both sides for the final 2 slip stitches.

Gloves Slipstitch

Optional Thumb:

You will now slip stitch back to the thumb and work the thumb.
You are still working on the wrong side of the glove.

Turn, 1 slip stitch in all loops (for reinforcement), then 3 slip stitches in only 1 loop of the side facing you (no longer connecting the front and back, just to get back down to the thumb).

Turn right side out.

You are now in the thumb opening and will create the thumb:
Thumb Row 1: Ch3, 10 DC in FLO, slip stitch to first thumb stitch (if you need more than 11 stitches for the thumb, do some DC2Tog at the inside of the thumb so that you only have 11 stitches, but so that you also close up any gaps. You may want to make a stitch at the slip stitch or it could end up as a gap. Over 11 stitches with a bulky yarn makes a man thumb which you want to avoid.
Thumb Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 11 SC, slip stitch to first stitch
Thumb Row 3: Ch 1, turn, 11 SC, slip stitch to first stitch, Finish Off

Optional Edging: The only step left is to finish off the top edge. This is done like a granny square where you are stitching under the turning chain spaces at the ends of the rows and chaining between them.

Slip stitch to connect your yarn before the seam.
Ch 1, 2 SCs under ch-space (turning chain), CH 1, 2 SC, CH 1, 2 SC, (CH 2, 2 SC) 4 times, slip stitch to join, Finish Off.

Weave in all ends. Use the ends to tighten up the edge of the seam and straighten it out a little.

Make another one. When you have the right sides facing and slip stitch the seam, make sure it’s the opposite side of the first one you make.

Gloves Thumb Side View

Thumb Side View

Gloves Side View

Gloves Side View


Gloves Back View

Gloves Back View After Being Worn a Few Days

Woven Bobble Fingerless Gloves Final View