Not THAT Kind of Hooker… moron

This weekend, I read the funniest story on (THE knitting and crochet social website in case you didn’t know). A woman was crocheting in a restaurant reading a pattern from a book when the waitress told her they were getting complaints about what she was reading and they “don’t allow that kind of reading material in our establishment”. A customer then yelled at her, “People like YOU shouldn’t have children, its disgusting!” She was reading the pattern from the book Stitch and Bitch: The Happy Hooker.

Since then, some have proposed a Hooker Day be established where crocheters everywhere go out into public yarn, hook, and questionably titled pattern book in hand to show the world that we are free to hook wherever we want.

It just so happens that I bought The Happy Hooker last weekend and left it on the table the other day. My husband saw it and started to question me about it. I guess he thought it was a porno crochet book that I had left lying around for our 4 year old to peruse. Hide the book! Don’t let him see the bunny slippers pattern!

That made the woman’s restaurant encounter just that much funnier.

Inspired by one woman’s hysterical public display of crochet and an attempt to confuse my husband, I have named this blog Hookers Don’t Bite. No, I’m not THAT kind of hooker… moron.