Free Pattern: Baby D – a just-hatched duckling

Baby D

Smaller than the Ultra Mini Ugly, tinier than Lil Other Brother, Baby D is the cutest just-hatched duckling you’ll ever want to give away. The latest duck I’ve been making for The Little Yellow Duck Project, Baby D is a really small version of Darryl – a duck and with only 11 rounds for the body and head and another 2 for the beak, he works up in well under an hour, like a half hour or less. Like some of the other mini ducks, Baby D is a great size to be used as a bag charm, backpack clip, or key chain.


Just a little worsted weight yarn in 2 colors. (The head and body are worked in one color. The beak is in another color and needs very little yarn.)
6mm black safety eyes
E crochet hook (3.5 mm)
Tapestry Needle
Polyfill Stuffing

Abbreviations (US Terms):

CH: Chain
dec: Single Crochet Decrease
inc: Single Crochet Increase
SC: Single Crochet
SC3tog: Single Crochet 3 Together
SS: Slip Stitch


This pattern is worked in continuous rounds.

Head and Body (make 1 in main color):

Round 1: Ch 7, Starting with second chain from hook, 5SC, 4 SC in same stitch, now crochet back up the other side, 5SC, inc (last increase is in the first chain) (16)

Round 2: 14SC, inc, SC (17)

Round 3: inc, 14SC, inc, SC (19)

Round 4: inc, 16SC, inc, SC (21)

Round 5: inc, 8SC, 3SCtog, 8SC, 3SCtog (you’ll include 2 stitches from the next round in your last 3SCtog) (20)

Round 6: Flatten in half, 6SS through both sides starting by slip stitching through the next stitch and the stitch before the SC3tog you just made, stuff (not a full round, you will be slip stitching the top together through both sides to finish the body, there will be 5 stitches left unworked, that is where you will be working the head in the next round)

Round 7: (SC, inc) 3x (last inc in SS) (9)

Round 8: (2SC, inc) around (12)

Rounds 9-10: SC around (12)

Add plastic safety eyes 1 row down from the top, 4SC apart.

Round 11: (dec) 6x (6)

FO leaving long tail

Stuff head

Weave tail through front loop of Round 11 and pull tight. Tie knot and pull into head.


Beak (make 1 in contrasting color):

Round 1: CH 3, (SC, inc), repeat up the other side of the chain (6)

Round 2: (2SC, inc) 2x (8)

FO leaving long tail

Sew beak onto head with running stitch.

You’re done!

Baby D a just hatched duckling crochet pattern


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Little Yellow Ducks Escape During Duck Races

Yesterday was the 8th Annual Rubber Duck Derby during the Healthy Kids Day celebration in Tarrytown, NY. It was the perfect opportunity to release ducks “into the wild” as part of The Little Yellow Duck Project. In my attempt to be inconspicuous, I did not take pictures of the released ducks, but I did look on as several were discovered.

I was able to capture some of the very exciting Rubber Duck Races, in case you’re wondering what a rubber duck race looks like. I know another rubber duck race got major exposure over the past few days. If you get a chance to go to one, I would recommend it. They’re just fun.