Free Pattern: Security Blanket Scarf

Security Blanket Scarf
My son loves him some yarn. Whenever he’s in Michael’s with me, he tries to pile everything into my basket. I usually let him pick 1 to actually buy. This summer he chose a skein of super soft and cuddly Red Heart Buttercup that he wanted a scarf made of for when he got chilly in the air conditioning. The stuff’s not easy to crochet with, but he loves the super simple scarf I made him.

Security Blanket Scarf Pattern:

Finished Size: 6″x43″

1 skein Red Heart Buttercup (72 yards Super Bulky 6 yarn)
N Crochet Hook (10 mm)
Yarn Needle

Ch 10
Row 1: Ch 2, (does not count at stitch) DC 10, turn
Repeat this row until you run out of yarn

Notes: Difficult to crochet with, so you just kind of try to feel the top of the stitches, stick in your hook and guess. I wanted this to be dense enough to look like a solid piece of fabric but actually possible to crochet. My son loves it and asks for it every time he’s cold when he comes out of a bath or the AC is too much for him. He has also been seen grasping it when he’s sleeping at night. It’s basically a little security blanket you can wear around your neck.