Free Pattern: Lil Other Brother – a tiny duck

Lil Other Brother - a tiny duck

While in the middle of little yellow duck mass production yesterday, I couldn’t resist temptation and created a half size of Other Brother Darryl. The pattern worked out just as imagined and Lil Other Brother was born. This one works up in a half hour or less so you can make even more for The Little Yellow Duck Project. Because its smaller, it’s also a great size for a bag clip or keychain.

Other Brother Darryl with 2 Lil Other Brothers

Other Brother Darryl with 2 Lil Other Brothers


A little worsted weight yarn in 2 colors. (The head and body are worked in one color. The beak is in another color and needs very little yarn.)
9mm black safety eyes
G crochet hook (4.0 mm)
Tapestry Needle
Polyfill Stuffing

Abbreviations (US Terms):

CH: Chain
dec: Single Crochet Decrease
inc: Single Crochet Increase
SC: Single Crochet
SC3tog: Single Crochet 3 Together
SS: Slip Stitch


This pattern is worked in continuous rounds.

Head and Body (make 1 in main color):

After Round 1

After Round 1

Round 1: Ch 7, Starting with second chain from hook, 5SC, 3SC in last chain, now crochet back up the other side 4SC, 2SC in last chain (14)

Round 2: 6SC, inc, 7SC (15)

Round 3: 7SC, inc, 7SC (16)

Round 4: 8SC, inc, 7SC (17)

Round 5: 8SC, inc, 8SC (18)

Round 6: SC3tog, 5SC, SC3tog, flatten in half, SS4 through both sides starting by slip stitching through the next stitch and the stitch before the SC3tog you just made, stuff (not a full round, you will be slip stitching the top together through both sides to finish the body, there will be 5 stitches left unworked, that is where you will be working the head in the next round)

After completing Round 6

After completing Round 6

Slip Stitch through both sides

Slip Stitch through both sides

Round 7: (SC, inc) 3x (The last inc will be in the SS connecting the 2 sides) (9)

Round 8: inc around (18)

After Round 8

After Round 8

Rounds 9-11: SC around (18)

After Round 11

After Round 11

Round 12: (SC, dec) 6x (12)

Add plastic safety eyes 3 rows down from the top, 6SC apart.

Round 13: dec 6x (6)

FO leaving long tail

Stuff head

Weave tail through front loop of Round 19 and pull tight. Tie knot and pull into head.


Beak (make 1 in contrasting color):

After Beak Round 2

After Round 2

Round 1: CH 3, (SC, inc), repeat up the other side of the chain (6)

Round 2: (2SC, inc) 2x (8)

FO leaving long tail

Sew beak onto head onto bottom row of eyes.

You’re done… now go make some more!



Lil Other Brother - a duck

Finished Lil Other Brother

Lil Other Brothers with Other Brother Darryl

5 Lil Other Brothers and 2 Other Brother Darryls

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16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary-Frances Radway
    Apr 18, 2016 @ 20:42:53

    I love your sense of humor


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  5. Beth
    May 14, 2019 @ 01:39:48

    This is adorable. May I make a duck with your pattern to include in a raffle? Thank you ❤


  6. laurenmckinney214
    Jul 13, 2019 @ 19:42:42

    Hi! I love this little duck! I’m sure this is simple but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to sew the bill onto the duck so it looks like it should. Is there a specific way?


  7. Sandy Brown
    Jan 23, 2021 @ 18:50:03

    Worked up perfectly. Too cute.


  8. Ruth Rechner
    Apr 01, 2021 @ 06:14:33



  9. Sierra67
    Jun 09, 2021 @ 20:48:55

    Made this with a 2.5 hook and worsted yarn, to make a tiny keychain that looks like my cayuga duck, turned out awesome!


  10. Catriena Baker
    Jun 22, 2021 @ 21:17:23

    It say something about row 19? There is no row 19? I’m confused


  11. Cecilia Fonseca
    Nov 05, 2021 @ 21:06:24

    Love this pattern but tried to make the beak twice but just doesn’t seem to come out right. What am I doing wrong?


  12. Zoe
    Aug 05, 2022 @ 12:07:19

    I absolutely love this pattern! Super easy to follow and quick to do. Do you have happen to have an Instagram/hashtag (#) I can use to show where I got the pattern


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