Felt Birds Anyone?

Back in the summer when I was Little Yellow Ducking it up, I branched out and dabbled in some hand-sewn felt ducks. After making my first felt duck from a pattern, I created my own little yellow duck pattern and pumped out a bunch. I loved how they looked. While they took longer than I originally thought they would, they still worked up quickly.

Felt Puffin Ornament

Felt Puffin Ornament

When I was trying to figure out what Christmas presents to make, I was desperately looking for a Canada Goose, as a flock of geese was towards the top of my son’s Christmas list. There’s a gorgeous knit goose I’ve been contemplating for a few years now, and while my knitting has improved a lot the past few months, as usual, I was running low on time, and needed either a crochet or felt pattern. I stumbled upon Downeast Thunder Farm with an amazing 70+ free felt bird ornament patterns. I was in awe of such a vast assortment. I ended up making the Puffin ornament for my mother and the Canada Goose for my son. For the Canada Goose I added a breast piece to make it 3-dimensional and more toy than ornament.

Felt Canada Goose

Felt Canada Goose

If you happen to be a bird lover, or know someone who is, you should definitely check out Downeast Thunder Farm. I’m still in awe. I mean they even have the very unusual Burrowing Owl who happens to be the star of the spectacular novel Hoot that my son and I read this summer. Name a bird (try to keep it northeast US), and BAM there it is in felt! Crazy! Downeast Thunder Farm, you totally solved my Christmas present dilemma and provided the patterns that helped me finish up holiday gifting by making presents on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

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