Free Pattern: Googly Thought TP Cozy to Celebrate NATCROMO

Yea! Celebrate! It’s NATCROMO! That’s National Crochet Month in case you hadn’t heard and there’s a party going on over at Ravelry to celebrate. A Scavenger Hunt is just one of the party games and for 17 points I made a toilet paper cozy, but not just any tp cozy, a Googly Thought TP Cozy.

Googly Thought TP Cozy with Original Googly Thought

Googly Thought TP Cozy with Original Googly Thought

So in case anyone else in the world is interested, here’s how I did it:

Free Pattern: Googly Thought TP Cozy

Worsted weight yarn 150 yards is a very rough estimate. Cotton or acrylic for a “regular” one. The one pictured uses Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic, aproximately half the skein. Wool for a fuzzy brushed Googly Thought cozy.
Felt for the feet.
Satin Ribbon I used Weather Resistant Basic Floral Satin 5/8″ in white.
Fine Sharpie
40 mm Googly Eyes
Super Glue or Fabric Glue I used Gorilla Glue. Fabric Glue doesn’t always keep things stuck but Gorilla Glue does.
H/5mm Crochet Hook
Sticky Back Velcro
I used the General Purpose 3.5″ x .75″ white strips and cut them in half.
Optional: Additional Novelty Ribbon I used a Black 5/8″ ribbon with little round hollogram rhinestone looking things on it.
Optional: Pinking Shears
Optional: Dog Hair Brush (if you’re using wool and want to make it fuzzy)

SC: Single Crochet
inc: an increase, 2 Single Crochet in one stitch

You will be crocheting in the round and will not turn.
This is an amigurumi style TP Cozy.
Repeat what is listed between the () where instructed.

TP Cozy:

Row 1: 6 SC in a Magic Circle [6]

Row 2: inc around [12]

Row 3: inc around [24]

Row 4: (3 SC, inc) 6 times [30]

Row 5: (4 SC, inc) 6 times [36]

Row 6: SC around [36]

Row 7: (5 SC, inc) 6 times [42]

Row 8: SC around [42]

Row 9: (6 SC, inc) 6 times [48]

Row 10: SC around [48]

Row 11: (7 SC, inc) 6 times [54]

Row 12: SC around [54]

Row 13: (8 SC, inc) 6 times [60]

Row 14: (9 SC, inc) 6 times [66]

Row 15: SC around [66]

Row 16: (10 SC, inc) 6 times [72]

Rows 17-32: SC around [72]

Finish off and weave in ends.

Optional: If you are using wool and want a fuzzy cozy, brush the wool hard with the dog brush. If you’re looking for more info on this check out Roxycraft’s tutorial.

Antennae: Slip Stitch into the top of the ball, Ch 12, slip stitch back down the chain and back into the cozy. Repeat for other side. Pull ends through to the wrong side. I placed my antennae at rows 4-5 with 9 stitches between when counting on row 4. (if you choose to make a fuzzy cozy, you probably want to skip the antennae)

Cut the felt feet into the shape of a heart. Mine measured 5.5″ high x 6.25″ wide.

TP feet and ribbons

Felt Feet and Ribbons

Your Words:
Cut the end of your ribbon with your scissors or pinking shears. Leave several inches for your tp cozy to sit on top of the ribbon, then start writing your message with your Sharpie. When done, cut the ribbon with your scissors or pinking shears. If your message is long, use two strips of ribbon. If you are using an extra novelty ribbon, figure out how long you want it and cut it too

TP Cozy pieces before assembly

TP Cozy pieces before assembly

TP Cozy partially assembled

TP Cozy partially assembled


  1. Using fabric glue or super glue, glue the eyes to the cozy.
  2. Figure out where you will place the ribbon on the feet. Remember the Cozy will be on top of it, so the words should start beyond the edge of the feet. Stick one side of the Velcro on the feet and the other on the ribbon. This will allow you to change the messages on the cozy.
  3. Sew the just front part of the cozy to the feet with a regular needle and thread. Either tack it on or sew a few inches.
  4. Start the roll of toilet paper and stuff a little in the top of the cozy to make the head round.
  5. Insert the roll of toilet paper.

You’re done! Now come on over and join the NATCROMO party, you did just finish your first task in the Scavenger Hunt.

TP Cozy in Bathroom

Googly Thought TP Cozy in its natural surroundings

Thoughts on writing on ribbon:
While I purchased wider ribbon in 7/8″ and 1.5″, I was unsuccessful in my attempts to write on them. They were both Celebrate It brand Basic-Basic. Sharpies bled, my gel pen was M.I.A., and my tube of fabric paint just wasn’t working with me and kept getting uneven and ugly.

I finally used my Sharpie on the 5/8″ ribbon I had from the original Googly Thoughts and life was good again. That was Basic Basic Floral Satin Weather Resistant Ribbon. In other lessons learned, since it’s weather resistant, when I wrote on it with a gel pen, it wipes right off, so use a Sharpie.

I’m also thinking when it comes to writing on ribbon, I have a lot to learn. I’d love to hear some tips if you have had some success with it.


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